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  • Quality assurance

    Management System

    in the whole process system of the production, ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System is carried out Strict operating standards for each link and each process as well as the advanced comprehensive detection syhstem ensure the smooth operation of each process and the stable product quality.

    At the same time,in order to meet the domestic and international requirements for environmental protection, the company strictly carries out the environmental management system requirement, and advocates that in the production process, weshould take good care of our homeland and living environment, The company was certified to ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System.

    Considering the products producted by the company are mainly pressure-beaning equipment accessories such as pumps, values, flometers and the like, in order to meet customer demands, the company has been certified to the pressure equipment instruction authentication-97/23/EC of DNV.

    • Equipment Directive Certification

    • Quality Management System Certification

    • Environmental Management System Certification

    Management System

    Quality assurance

    Technical Certification

    Our company is responsible for the product quality. which shows our sense of responsibility for customers and ourselves. Therefore, we check the product quality at each level in the process of production to ensure the quality of products.

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